The "Terres de France" Concept

Groupe Terres de France

Terres de France: An innovative tourism residence manager:

Founded in 2008 by Jean-Marc Bournais and his two sons Pierre and Charles-Henri, the Terres de France group has grown steadily in recent years, thanks to its commitment to the strong values essential to green tourism, such as eco-responsibility, showcasing French terroirs and well-being… and to the dynamism of its young, ambitious teams.

The Terres de France group specializes in the operation of rural accommodation (hotels, residences, camping sites, group cottages), and has maintained steady, well-reasoned growth while constantly seeking out new management opportunities.

The Terres de France group has also adapted its business model in line with changes in the global market and customer expectations, and has developed a strong Internet presence. The Terres de France group has also been able to diversify its portfolio of residences and hotels by offering complementary destinations in line with customer expectations. The Terres de France group offers vacation homes and Appart’Hôtels in town, country, sea, spa and mountain resorts.


Changes in the tourism distribution market have also led the group to develop new growth tools. These tools have enabled it to diversify into web-based tourism distribution in its establishments’ main customer segments. These are: group and seminar clientele, vacation rental and short-stay clientele, and short-stay and themed weekend clientele.

Our Nature resort concept

Specializing in green tourism, Terres de France aims to promote natural and responsible tourism by inviting customers to discover the French countryside in establishments where quality, well-being, calm, serenity and respect for the environment are the watchwords.

What is a resort?

A resort is a place that offers quality accommodation and a wide range of leisure activities. Terres de France resorts offer sports activities, catering services, wellness & SPA areas and children’s playgrounds. The group is also keen to showcase the region’s key players and heritage, which is why our resorts offer a wide range of nearby activities (e.g. wine tasting, visits to châteaux, leisure parks, horse riding, archery, accrobranche, canoeing, quad biking, etc.).

Terres de France selects exceptional locations for its resorts, in the heart of France’s most beautiful regions with strong tourist potential.

Resorts with a wide range of activities:

Backed by a wealth of experience, the group offers a wide range of services (charming, high-quality accommodation & cottages, catering, SPA, organization of seminars and private events, incentives, etc.).

Ecology at the heart of our concerns:

Terres de France has always attached great importance to ecology and sustainable development. In each of its residences and aparthotels, the group applies precise processes to reduce its carbon footprint, and makes extensive use of environmentally-friendly products.

The group also invests in its residences in order to reduce fluid consumption (water, electricity, petrol…) by using new techniques and technologies (solar panels, home automation, low-voltage light bulbs, ecological aerator, insulation…).

A fast-growing family group:


In 2005, Mr. Jean-Marc BOURNAIS, a developer in the Touraine region, decided to refocus his business on the promotion/construction of tourist residences, and launched the Relais du Plessis project in Richelieu, Indre-et-Loire. Mr. Bournais soon called on his two sons, who brought him invaluable knowledge of management, marketing strategy and business development.


In 2008, Terres de France took over management of the Relais du Plessis, a 144-apartment 3-star tourist residence in the Loire Valley, with restaurant, SPA and seminar center.


Montcontour Active Park

In 2010, after having taken over the management of the Relais du Plessis directly and considerably developed this residence, Pierre and Charles-Henri were approached to take over new residences and hotels. As a result, the Terres de France group took over 2 new 3-star establishments in the Vienne region of Poitou Charente: the Moncontour Active Park campsite and the Domaine de Saint Hilaire.


Natura Resort Pescalis

In 2013, having stabilized these 3 establishments, the Terres de France group decided not only to take over a new establishment: the Natura resort Pescalis residence in the Deux Sèvres region, but also to use their skills to diversify into web-based tourism distribution by creating numerous distribution platforms such as France Séminaire, Mes Vacances Privées, Weekend en France and Weekend en Groupe.


Hameaux des Lacs

In 2014, the Terres de France group took over the management of the 5 residences of the Chalets en France group (Hameaux de Miel, Hameaux des Lacs, Hameaux des Marines, Hameaux de Pomette, Hameaux du Perrier) and the travel agency dedicated to works councils MCM prestige, giving it a nationwide network and making it a key player in green tourism in France.


Appart'Hotel La Roche-Posay

In 2015, the Terres de France group took over new 3-star residences (ex-Appart’City/Park & Suite): Appart’City Quimper and Appart’City La Roche-Posay.


Appart’Hôtel Le Splendid

In 2016, the Terres de France group continued its development by taking over the management of the Résidence du Splendid Thermal and Mountain Residence (formerly Résid’Hôtel) in Allevard les Bains (Isère) and the Domaine de Bacchus Residence (formerly Mona Lisa/MMV).


Le Domaine du Moulin Neuf

In 2017, the Terres de France group opened a new residence in Rochefort en Terre in partnership with the community of Questembert: Domaine du Moulin neuf (ex VVF). But also a new residence in Prayssac in the Lot: Domaine de Claire Rive (ex Odalys).


Domaine de Claire Rive

In 2018, the group continued to grow and took over two new residences, enabling it to continue its diversification into urban tourist residences by taking over a residence from the Appart’City group in Brest, but also to continue to develop its portfolio of residences in the countryside with the Domaine de Claire Rive residence (formerly Odalys).


In 2019, the Terres de France group is stabilizing its structures and optimizing their profitability and filling by strengthening its teams and continuing its digitalization.


Résidence Côté Provence

In 2020, despite the Coronavirus crisis, and thanks to its flexibility and broad diversification of residences in its portfolio and customer base, the company was offered a number of takeover opportunities. He has taken over two new residences: in Gréoux-les-Bains, in the heart of France’s 3rd-largest spa: the Côté Provence residence (formerly Odalys), and in Saumur: the Domaine du Golf (formerly Belambra), between a golf course and an equestrian center on the grounds of the Cadre Noir, France’s most prestigious riding school.

Many other projects are in the pipeline for the future.