Responsible values and quality establishments

Groupe Terres de France

The Terres de France group internalizes the issue of sustainable development into its work processes, minimizing the impact on the environment. Whether it’s sorting, saving energy or using recycled products, all our staff are involved. In this context, Terres de France is committed to :

  • Integrate environmental recommendations into the design and construction of resorts
  • Ensure continuous improvement in the environmental management of villages, residences and hotels in operation.
  • Integrate ecology and sustainable development into all activities
  • Inform customers and raise their awareness of environmental issues
  • Report annually on the resources deployed to implement these commitments, and on the progress achieved.

This eco-responsible approach is also reflected in the location of our resorts. In rural areas with high tourist potential, the Group promotes local products and know-how. To this end, an area in the reception area of the resorts is dedicated to local players who want to make themselves known.

Finally, the group sponsors and organizes events to highlight the importance of sustainable development for a more peaceful future.

Sustainable development is also present in the management of the group’s teams. The Group promotes strong values such as :

  • Solidarity between employees
  • Respect for the environment
  • Employee and customer well-being
  • Listening to the environment and employees
  • Sharing

A strong international and web presence:

The Terres de France group always offers products adapted to the expectations of international customers in its target markets (in Europe: Belgium, Netherlands, England, Germany, Spain… or in the rest of the world: China, United States, Japan…).

Over the years, the Terres de France group has forged solid partnerships with leading tourist distributors in France and around the world.

Terres de France has also built up a large network of works councils and loyal customers over the years, and proudly announces direct sales well above industry standards.

The deployment of new communication tools in the seminar, vacation rental, weekend and private sales markets will only increase this direct share in the years to come.